San Pedro Fish
San Pedro Fish


"Great place for a seafood platter. Plenty of seats in the patio area. If you don't feel like peeling shrimp from your platter, you can buy peeled shrimp from the seafood counter. Plenty of fish and lobster options to choose from..."

Juan Rodriguez

"Wonderful fish market to buy fresh seafood and have them cook it. I had some lobster, clams, salmon and shrimp everything was delicious. This is my third time visiting San Pedro Fish Market."

Felix Franco

"I went here for my birthday and I had the best time Sitting by the water. kids and I LOVED every bit of the seafood. The seafood was fresh and had the best seasoning on it. Omg the sausage, crab, corn, potatoes. My first time but not the last. Can't wait to go back."

Nidia Hudson

"I love to choose different seafood and the recipes when you cook it. We ate on Long Beach but not enough selections of food and the way they cook is different. I love this place and I love crowded and to see different nationalities and Mariachi Music are Great!!!"

Richard Boone

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