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Celebration Tray Serves 2-3

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There’s always a party somewhere! We pile on a mound of the largest Jumbo Shrimp, peeled and cleaned (Tail-on), Wild Caught California Calamari topped with the tastiest Premium Snow Crab and prepared with locally made Kielbasa Sausage, mixed bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, diced red potatoes and U.S. freshly grown ears of corn. We then toss with our San Pedro Fish Market Famous Signature Seasoning, drizzled in soybean butter, and serve with crispy garlic bread.

2-3 | $119.99

Our Largest Jumbo Peeled & Cleaned Shrimp (Tail-on) 0.75 lbs

One and a half pounds (1.5 lbs) of Premium Snow Crab

Locally Made Kielbasa Sausage 1 Link

One (1) Loaf of Crispy Garlic Bread

It's a celebration for any occasion, with quick and easy preparation! Heat & Eat!